Film Influences

August 28, 2011 at 4:02 am (Film)

My initiation into film involved acting in a local film called Respire.  The experience was both fun and overwhelming and I guess I’m one of those people who can’t bear to see their face on-screen.  Although I’m very grateful for the opportunity, I think production design is more my style.  I’m particularly inspired by German Expressionism.  Specifically, I enjoy the absurd/surreal backdrops with sharp diagonals and stark contrast lighting–chiaroscuro, which reflected the emotions of post WWI Germany.  Later films of the genre accomplished a similar mise-en-scene through the use of severe camera angles and lighting.   Here is a public domain image, which demonstrate the style: 

Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

German Expressionism influenced a series of genres, including Italian Neorealism, French New Wave and American Film Noir.  Influences are also apparent in American horror and science fiction films.  I am currently enrolled in Video I and will be posting our various projects and interesting topics throughout the semester.  For more information on German Expressionism, check out:

German Expressionism Wiki

Green Cine-German Expressionism

Trashface-German Expressionism



  1. gabyprimrosegaby primrose said,

    So interesting! I confess that I’ve never watched one of these films, altough I’ve heard tons of good stuff about them. You have inspired me to do it soon!

  2. fgottman said,

    This is very interesting information! I am a big fan of Sci-Fi and now notice the influences that you speak of. You have peaked my interest and I plan to do more research on this subject.

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