CAT 111 Project 2: Abstraction

October 25, 2011 at 2:34 am (Digital Design Projects)

For our graphic design project in CAT 111, we were required to abstract a simple mechanical object.  The first step involved drawing the object rather large and accenting the areas of highlight and shadow using sharpies of differing widths.   

Next, we used cropping squares to “zoom in” on interesting areas, which we drew larger in 4″x4″ squares on tracing paper.  In these drawings, we paid more attention to areas of light and dark and really began to abstract the object.

After about a million hours (:)) of Adobe Illustrator tutorials, we put together our final projects: 3-5″x5″ drawings of parts of the abstracted object in a previously specified frame. 

Illustrator’s pen tool was my saving grace throughout the final project and using layers and artboards made the layout fairly easy.  I am satisfied with the way my project turned out; however I would have liked to have included drawings that span the entire length of the object.



1 Comment

  1. tuckeraacc said,

    Wow. I had forgotten how detailed and precise these drawings were. Great job!

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