Amaranthine Museum

November 29, 2011 at 12:23 am (Art)

I recently visited the Amaranthine Museum (2010 Clipper Park Rd. Baltimore, MD 21211) for my boyfriend’s birthday.  We were both extremely impressed.  The labyrinthine gallery begins with “The Mind of Man” and then traces backwards from the twentieth century to the beginning of time.  I was blown away by the intricate details, color and layering of the paintings and was very drawn to the sacred geometry in the last chamber.  All of the works are by one amazing man-Les Harris.  He was born and raised in Baltimore and seemed to have an incredible understanding of numerous topics, including physics, astrology, numerology and sacred geometry.  His wonderful daughter checked in with us at various intervals to relay anecdotes and answer questions.  The museum is open Sundays from 12-3pm and is available for private tours.  I highly recommend it!  Check out the website: for more info and some beautiful pictures.  There is also a great article in Johns Hopkins Magazine


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  1. tuckeraacc said,

    This hedge maze looks awesome. You said that you saw a labyrinthine gallery. Is it a real labyrinth like shown above? Because that sounds awesome.

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