Andrea Zittel

November 29, 2011 at 11:44 pm (Art)

Andrea Zittel seems to be a very prolific and well-rounded artist.  Her works include varied media, such as clothing, furniture, drawing, film, and structures.  I’m impressed by how much of her art is utilitarian and I’m specifically intrigued by the Single Strand Uniforms.  They turned out amazing considering the technique. 

The Wagon Station structure is adorably space-age and seems unbelievably useful for camping, though I’m not sure how it’s transported.

Some of her other structures are absurdly awesome, such the Homestead Office w/ adjoining dog house.

I admit, I would love to have one of her Escape Vehicles.  From the outside they appear to be sensory deprivation chambers, but inside they are customized and may include a plush sofa or a pool like interior.  I’m partial to the tiny desk with eclectic shelving. 

Check out her webpage: for a complete overview of her achievements.  The site has a very cohesive and muted design that accents her work nicely.

The above photos are the works of Andrea Zittel.

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  1. tuckeraacc said,

    These are some interesting looking things and they do look useful, but I don’t understand what makes them art. I know, it’s an odd question.

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