Week 14 Summary

December 4, 2012 at 11:50 pm (Web Design)


Domain names: consist of a name and an extension or top level domain; for example, I’ve chosen morpheumexperiments.com for my art portfolio site.

Domain names should be simple, unique and easy to remember.  Examples of top level domains are:






.gov etc.

The chosen name, if available must be registered by:

GoDaddy – http://www.godaddy.com

Register – http://www.register.com

Network Solutions – http://www.netsol.com

For a full list of acredited registrars, visit ICANN.

Templates in Dreamweaver- a simplified HTML file containing elements which will remain the same on all pages can be saved as a template.  Changes made to this template will be updated on all associated pages.


Our lecture this week concerned how to create templates within Dreamweaver:


Final Project

We completed several lynda.com tutorials concerning tables and spry widgets.  I was really impressed with Dreamweaver’s widget function.  Next we updated our design comps, finalized our HTML buildouts and created a template, which was then used to create each site page.  My linked pages can be viewed at:


It aligns well in IE9 and Chrome, but there seem to be some issues in Safari where the navigation links and copyright info over the header and footer bars don’t line up.



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